This catalogue allows you to order your wines and olive oils online and to pay either by cheque or with your credit card. A cheque needs to be edited to “SNC Domaine de Valdition” with the following address: Route d’Eygalières – 13660 Orgon.
The payments by credit card are processed online.

For all payments we use the system SOGENACTIF of the bank Société Générale.
Unlike some news you may have heard, the data transport of coded information online is extremely secure. Nowadays an online payment offers better reliability and security than other channels like phones or fax machines, etc…

The delivery is assured to the address which was indicated by the purchaser. The assurance is effective for 10 days, after the confirmation of the order by Domaine de Valdition and the encashment of your payment.

All online buying can only be processed after the identification of the purchaser, which means his name and surnames, invoice address, phone number and mail address. The purchaser has to indicate likewise his delivery address, if this one differs from the invoice address.

For that the purchaser is able to confirm, the order must contain a minimum of 2 cartons of wine/olive oil.

An order from 12 to 35 bottles : 35.00 €
From 36 bottles or a value of 380.00 € on, the transportation costs are offered.
In general a unity of transport corresponds to a bottle of 75 cl.
Thank you for contacting us regarding a delivery of all other kind of products which aren’t shown online.
Please contact us as well for a delivery outside France.